The surrealistic artists like Max Ernst, Salvadore Dali and others used colours as means of expression to pictorially implement their irrealities. The so called  “Tachism or Art of Informal” are the “outlaws” in shapes and colours within the art world. After bounteous pondering, I concluded that I am a modern “colour-art-informal aritst”, who loves, using and experimenting  with the delightful metaphysical forces of colour frequencies, as a tool of my expression: 
painting with light for the pure enjoyment of the observer.

The development of colour-chemistry, fashion, photography and television has sharpened our mind and interest in colours in the last millennium especially within the last century. Over the generations we constantly refined  our colour sensitivity, but this form of today´s interest is  purely of  an optical or material nature and seems to lack the intellectual and spiritual experiences of colours as a metaphysical force. Instead it turned into a non serious  facile  game  with unknown powers.  It doesn´t matter whether you are aware of the fact or not, that colours are radiant powers of energy, which have a profound constant positive or negative impact on us. Because they do.

In the ancient times stained-glass artists used colours in holy rooms like churches  to create a celestial mystic ambience to transport the faithful with their prayers into a spiritual world. Not only as an optical expression, colours were understood and experienced as a symbolic and psychic impression. Even though that in the present day colours seem to be only a small big fall-out of photons existing in our quantum world, they are knowingly or unconsciously an essential part of our lives and actions.

At the end I am closing a circle  within my artwork in a conjoining process of coming back to the essence of the word “photography”, which originates from Greek (phos) “light” + (graphis) “stylus”, “paintbrush” or (graphe) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, together meaning:  “drawing with light.  

Light is the expression and essence of our being and I am thankful to perceive the world the way I do, and I am grateful to share this magic world of colours with you.

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