For over ten years I have been working  as a professional colorist for the media industry.  In this job special computer hardware as well as software programs are used to manipulate and harmonise colour-frequencies of film scenes and commercials. I have always treated color in a very instinctive way. I may rely on rules and methods, but they come instinctively, not from optico-scientific or spiritual  facts.

Thanks to my inherent curiosity and professional background I was inspired by an exceptional light-reflection in my apartment  in 2005, which lay the foundation for the color frequency photography. These are detained snap-shots of visual puns, which appear right in front of my eyes and the camera lens. In quantum physics it says: we determine what we see –  my artistic works can be seen as snapshots of this world. It is important to capture an authentic image of what is reflected in time and space. Due to this fact every single light frequency photo is an organic snapshot of light and not digitally manipulated afterwards. On the other hand are my paintings which are artistically free formed creations, where I use commonly known tools.

Usually I do not name my images and pictures and this is a very conscious decision: To name the images shall be left to the eye and awareness of the beholder. Yet, sometimes I feel inspired and do not stick to my own rules and name them after all. What I wish for, is  a personal and open dialouge between the observer and the images. It would be presumptuous to define creations and so imprison the mind of the observer. Never the less has every picture a unique poetic story to tell.  It would oppose a free spirit like myself to limit another human being, and it is my pleasure to spark people´s imagination and let their mind walk free into unseen dimensions. Furthermore, it presents you the opportunity to discover an image over and over again in the new day of light. Harmony and inspiration for your “dreamy room dream of dreams”.

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